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Why are Dentures Necessary?

Dentures replace missing natural teeth and at our Jacksonville, FL Quality Dentures and Implants office we provide the most affordable and customized dentures.

There are several reasons to use dentures and not leave your mouth with missing teeth. There is an obvious cosmetic issue with missing teeth. Dentures can restore your smile and confidence in this regard. Dentures also fill out your face because missing teeth allow your facial muscles to sag, which makes you look older.

There are also several health and functional advantages to getting dentures. Dentures help you speak better than you do without teeth. They make it easier to chew and eat, as well. This is important because many people with missing teeth avoid certain foods that are hard to chew, such as meat. Eliminating foods can eventually affect your nutrition. Chewing is also the first step in digestion. It breaks down food and mixes it with enzymes in saliva.

Finally, with dental implants, it is possible to preserve the jawbone. Normally, the bone will slowly break down and get reabsorbed into the bloodstream after the loss of natural teeth. This process continues with conventional dentures. However, dental implants support the bone to help keep it healthy.

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