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Dental Implants

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What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent solution for patients with teeth that are missing, broken, or failing. The dentist will evaluate your current oral health, review your past medical history, provide any necessary scanning, and discuss your anesthesia options and overall goals for treatment. 

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What are the benefits of Implants?

Dental implants offer several benefits over other tooth replacement options. Patients can expect to enjoy these advantages and more:

  1. Ability to eat the foods you like

  2. Enhanced comfort

  3. Increased jaw stability

  4. Improved self-confidence

  5. Improvement of speech

  6. Prevention of bone loss

  7. Natural appearance


Taking care of dental implants is simple — just brush and floss every day as you would with the rest of your natural teeth. At Quality Dentures and Implants, we want you to feel confident about your smile and oral health. The good news is many patients are excellent candidates for dental implants and can get started quickly. 

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What happens during the implant placement?

The dental implant process always begins with a consultation. Or the dentist will perform a thorough oral examination, review your medical history, and form a personalized treatment plan just for you. Anesthesia options will be discussed and chosen at this time as well. This is also the time to ask any questions that you may have. Your surgical appointment will be set for a day and time suitable to you, and you will leave the consultation with pre- and post-operative instructions.

Your surgical appointment will begin with the administration of anesthesia which will help you to relax during your procedure. The initial step is usually the insertion of the titanium post — also known as the screw. Then we will lift the gum tissue and insert the screw into the empty tooth socket. Stitches are used to close the surgical site. After this procedure, you will have an approximate three-month healing period allowing time for the screw to fuse into the jaw bone for a secure foundation.

During the healing period, you will have the option to wear a temporary prosthesis. Once the screw has fused into the jaw bone, you will return for the placement of the abutment and crown. After the crown is placed, you can start enjoying your new, permanent smile!


What are Over Dentures / Snap in Dewntures

Eat, speak, and smile with confidence again! Over Dentures / Snap in Dentures also known as a full-arch restoration, is a procedure that replaces an entire upper or lower arch of teeth that are currently missing or failing. 


What are the benefits of an Over Denture/Snap in Denture

Look just like natural teeth. 

Best quality materials ensure a flawless look.

Easy to maintain

Say goodbye to dental adhesives! After the healing period, caring for a restored upper or lower arch of teeth requires only daily brushing and flossing. On occasion, you may need to see us or your dentist for an adjustment.  You will also be able to remove the denture at home to clean on a daily basis.

Immediate results.

Although there is a healing period, patients enjoy their new smile the same day they have their implants placed - even though the denture is a temporary one and is not attached to the implants.

Positive experience

Patients who have multiple missing or failing teeth often suffer from low self-esteem and other issues. Get ready to smile again after your Overdenture/Snap in Denture

Heal faster

Oral surgeons optimize the position of each implant — as few as four dental implants are used during this procedure which reduces the need for excessive bone grafting and individual implants.

Improved bone health

A functioning arch of teeth stimulates the bone underneath to prevent bone loss.

Make Your Dental Implant Appointment Today

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Denture FAQ
  • Q: How can I make an appointment?
    Call our Jacksonville, FL office (904) 515-5565 or schedule an appointment online now. We also have two other convenient locations - Palatka, FL and Orange Park, FL. Jacksonville, FL: (904) 490-0905 Orange Park, FL: (904) 420-4442 Palatka, FL: (386) 325-8081
  • Q: How much will my dental care cost me?
    Our goal is to align where you want to be with what makes sense for your budget and lifestyle. The way we do this is through our free consultation process. You'll get a free dental x-ray and a consultation with our specialized dentists to figure out the best path to your successful smile. Click here to schedule your free consult.
  • Q. Should I get dentures or implants?
    Deciding on dentures or implants comes down to several factors: function, taste, time, and budget. Dentures can cost less and sometimes be a quicker process, but they also can have slightly less function and less true taste. Implants can cost more, but provide full function and taste. Our care specialists work with you to decide what is the best option for you, including available financing.
  • Q: Do dentures or implants feel like real teeth?
    Dentures might not feel exactly like natural teeth, they do look very natural and are more comfortable than ever to wear, making them a good option. Implants work like real teeth and for most people, feel like real teeth. A small number of people say the feeling is a little different, but still love the ability to eat any food again.
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