Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures Near Jacksonville Fl

Put in place as a temporary solution by our Greater Jacksonville, FL, dentists for individuals who have undergone tooth extraction, immediate dentures quickly restore appearance and function. While final dentures are being crafted, immediate dentures allow patients to maintain normal speech and eating habits as well as aid in the healing process by protecting the extraction sites. However, adjustments may be needed over the few months you wear these dentures as the gums heal and shrink.

Here’s what you need to know about wearing immediate dentures.

Key Advantages of Immediate Dentures

Having an immediate denture offers numerous benefits if you’re someone recovering from a recent tooth extraction. One of those advantages is their ability to act as a placeholder that not only looks nice but helps you to chew and speak after tooth removal. By seamlessly replacing missing teeth, immediate dentures help individuals maintain their smile and facial aesthetics. 

Additionally, these dentures provide comfort and confidence as you wait for your permanent dentures to be ready. Gum bleeding is greatly reduced and your gums in general are shielded, thus promoting faster healing and a reduced risk of complications. Beyond the physical aspects, our dentists find that immediate dentures also offer psychological benefits by minimizing the impact of tooth loss on self-esteem and social interactions.

What to Consider With Immediate Dentures

While immediate dentures provide significant advantages, patients should be aware of all that comes with wearing them. Our dentists typically stress patience at this time as adjusting to immediate dentures and becoming accustomed to the new prosthetic can feel quite strange initially. It’s not uncommon for the “settling in” process to take a week or so. 

Additionally, follow-up appointments are necessary to monitor your healing progress and make any necessary tweaks to the appliance to ensure the best possible fit. Gum healing and shrinkage over time are expected and may require relining or adjustments along the way. Eventually, patients will transition to final dentures as their gums stabilize, requiring careful consideration and planning with our dentists.

Gently Heal While You Wait

Our dentists serving Jacksonville, Orange Park, and surrounding areas can place immediate dentures the day of your tooth extraction. If you want to know more about this process, please call one of our Quality Dentures & Implants locations today to request an appointment or feel free to contact us online.

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