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Denture Repair Greater Jacksonville Fl

Whether due to damage, wear, or changes in oral anatomy, denture repair and adjustment may be needed periodically to maintain optimal oral health and comfort. Relining, a process of modifying the denture base to accommodate changes in the underlying tissues, is something our dentists can do to ensure a snug fit and enhanced stability. Don’t rely on DIY kits found online; professional denture services from our Greater Jacksonville, FL, dentists allow for proper alignment, comfort, and functionality.

Learn more about when dentures need repairs and how they’re adjusted.

Signs Your Dentures Need Correction

As you wear your full and partial dentures, our dentists recommend you keep an eye out for any obvious signs of visible wear as well as consider how they feel when they’re in place. Both contribute to your overall experience with dentures so if something is “off”, don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention.

You may need a denture repair or adjustment if you notice:

  • Pits or cracks 
  • Chips
  • Breaks in the denture material
  • Sharp or uneven surfaces
  • Sore spots 
  • A loose feeling
  • Trouble chewing
  • Changes in facial shape

Any of the above can occur due to accidents, mishandling, or regular wear and tear over time. Changes in the shape of the jawbone, gums, or natural developments in oral anatomy (gum recession or bone loss) can also lead to poor denture fit, necessitating adjustment. Periodic check-ups with our dentists help identify these changes and address them promptly through either repair or adjustment. 

Remember → Our dentists do not want you attempting to bend or reshape your dentures on your own as this may result in breakage!

Denture Repair Services

Repairing damage or fractures in dentures involves employing specialized techniques and materials to mend cracks, chips, or breaks, preventing further deterioration. Depending on what your appliance needs, our dentists may also recommend that reinforcements or enhancements be added to improve durability and functionality. 

For instance, adding certain frameworks or strengthening materials to the denture base can enhance its structural integrity. Replacing any missing teeth or components on the denture is also essential for maintaining proper denture function. 

Denture Adjustment Services

Over time, changes in oral anatomy or wear can lead to discomfort or instability in dentures. Relining the denture base is a common adjustment procedure to improve fit and comfort. By accommodating changes in the jawbone or gum tissue, relining ensures a comfortable and secure fit, thus reducing discomfort. 

Additionally, adjusting bite alignment is crucial for proper occlusion (how your upper and lower teeth come together) and even distribution of forces during chewing. Denture adjustment involves modifying the bite alignment to alleviate pressure points and enhance comfort. Reshaping certain areas of the denture may also be necessary to eliminate discomfort and ensure a stable, nice feeling result.

Get Your Dentures Feeling Right

You don’t have to accept broken or ill-fitting dentures. If you need help getting your dentures to fit better or are concerned about a break, our dentists serving Jacksonville, Orange Park, and surrounding areas can help. Call one of our Quality Dentures & Implants locations today to request an appointment.

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