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Each service performed by our Greater Jacksonville, FL, dentists is done so with the utmost precision and care. Patients who have lost a single tooth, have damaged dentures in need of attention, or have teeth affected by decay – we can help all find what they’re looking for and guide each to love their smile.

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Our dentists are prepared to address a variety of dental issues with tooth extractions, ranging from simple to the more surgical. Simple extractions involve removing visible teeth above the gum line, often due to decay or damage while surgical extractions are more complex and needed for severely damaged or impacted teeth, like wisdom teeth. Whichever you require, both types aim to alleviate pain, prevent infection, and maintain overall dental health.

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Full and partial dentures, whether they be immediate or overdentures, offer a functional and natural-looking solution for missing teeth. Our dentists will need to take a closer look at your smile to determine if an entire arch of teeth needs replacing or simply gaps in between natural teeth. Crafted from durable materials, dentures provide stability and support for chewing and speaking, with regular maintenance and adjustments needed along the way for a proper fit.

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Over the years, dental implants have revolutionized the realm of tooth replacement with their long-lasting stability and natural feel. Single-tooth implants are ideal for filling in one or a few spread out spaces left behind while overdentures utilize implants to secure a removable denture. All-on-X implants also work in tandem with false teeth but typically are made permanent to further restore confidence and functionality.

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